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Helping The Helpers

Low-fee, independent and strictly confidential support for

front line public sector workers

Support for Frontline Heroes

The Helping the Helpers Project is here to provide affordable and strictly confidential support for frontline public sector workers who are facing challenges in their daily lives. We are proud to be a part of the Community Psychotherapy Network Social Enterprise.

Recognising the Realities of Helpers

Helpers, including healthcare professionals, teachers, social workers, police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and probation officers, often carry the expectation of being selfless and superhuman. However, the truth is that these heroes are affected by their work. The demands they face can be overwhelming, and it's common for them to leave their jobs feeling like they haven't done enough. Empathy, a crucial aspect of their work, can also be a source of traumatic stress, leading to burnout or a sense of being overwhelmed.

Early Awareness and Resilience

Recognising these challenges early on is crucial for building resilience and preventing burnout. The needs of helpers are often similar to those they assist, but they are frequently overlooked.


Our Offer:

We're here to offer a regular, long-term, and confidential therapeutic support group to help frontline public sector staff cope with the day-to-day stress of their work and its impact on their lives. Applying for membership is as easy as reaching out to us via email or telephone. We'll arrange individual assessment sessions to discuss your specific needs and determine if this form of

support is the right fit for you.

We're eager to hear from you and provide the support you need.

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