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East-End Group Therapy

A opportunity for interpersonal growth, connection and transformation. 

About Group Therapy

Understanding Psychodynamic Group Therapy

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy is a unique process that helps individuals explore and resolve their issues by delving into their inner world and how it impacts their relationships, both past and present. Unlike some other therapies, it focuses on making deep-seated changes in personality and emotional growth. The main goal is to recognise patterns and gain insight into what leads people into unhelpful and sometimes destructive cycles.

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Joining Group Therapy for Better Understanding

Many individuals who initially sought individual therapy are now increasingly participating in group therapy. Our primary approach, Group Analytic Psychotherapy, is a multidimensional and inclusive method of treatment. It has a strong tradition in the United Kingdom and across Europe, with a slightly modified version being one of the leading treatment approaches in North and South America.

The Power of Group Therapy

In group therapy, we emphasise the opportunity for interpersonal learning and enhancing emotional connections. We help individuals understand how their interpersonal difficulties, rooted in early life events and current patterns, affect their lives. This treatment model is integrative, combining cognitive, emotional, and behavioural elements to provide insight, self-awareness, and practical skills.


Our Goal:

Maturity and Self-Improvement

Whether in groups or individual therapy, our aim is to support individuals in achieving greater maturity. Our criteria for inclusion, among other factors, revolve around the willingness to address interpersonal and relational challenges related to depression, dysthymia, anxiety disorders, or personality difficulties. We're here to help you on your journey to personal growth and improved relationships.

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